Who needs PAT Testing

PAT testing is a legal requirement in Ireland and is increasingly required by insurance companies and fire safety officers.

Businesses with employees who regularly use electrical appliances need PAT testing.
This is because employers are liable for any risk to employees of electrical shock caused by faulty appliances, and they would also be held responsible if an accident or injury were to occur on the business premises.

The risks to employees, employers and businesses are very real, not only from the risk of electrical shock but also the risk of fire caused by faulty appliances.

How often does PAT testing need to be done?

It depends on how frequently the appliances are used in the business.

Workshops – 6 months
Office equipment – 12 months
Schools & Education Facilities – 12 months
Retail – 12 months
Construction – 3-6 months depending on the site

As part of our service, we will notify you several weeks before your next PAT test needs to be carried out, and we offer pricing discounts for repeat business.

We offer fixed price quotations and our pricing is very competitive.

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